There are four of us.

We create Emo Caveman from pure inspiration, creativity and procrastination guilt.

While none of us are exactly famous, each of us is a little special (hrduhr) and well known among those who are close in our lives.  And since we have never been known collectively as an entity before starting this online comic, it is important that you folks have some sort of grasp on who we are (otherwise you would not have bothered to click on the ‘About’ tab).  We will pull the curtain back and reveal ourselves, though it might be presumptuous to do so before this series gets further along;  I write this down now before I forget to do so later.

John Freeman, our writer, is currently taking courses at college, teaches martial arts in his spare time and takes it easy making movies and likes hanging out.  Among other things he writes music and is currently writing an independent story on his own.  Also, if you look at him funny, he’ll find you and kill you.  Because every Emo Caveman story begins and ends with his penmanship, we are always at his mercy when deadlines are involved.

Erick Escobales, the illustrator, loves Pokemon, plays board games and drinks Thai Tea Boba.  Aside from Emo Caveman he is also writing a long term project to be announced in the future.  Ever the egotist, he considers his writing ability to be inferior to his drawing ability.  His inspirations come from wonderful teachers and authors such as Bill Watterson, Frank L. Baum and Stan Sakai.

Joanna Robles is a biological chemist who secretly dreams of letting loose the mad scientist within her. She approaches life, art, and gaming with the slapdash enjoyment of GIR chock full of waffles. Her main inspirational constructs come from Terry Pratchett’s wit, Doctor Who’s sense of adventure, The Lord Of The Rings’ overtly pretentious Elven life forms (we’re looking at you, Legolas…), and just a touch of Dexter’s murderous glee. Despite the majority of her life being spent planning her next cup of coffee, not to mention world domination, she willingly inks our comic for free (the fool).

Lyndon Kerse, the shy one, does all the coloring for us.  Quite the enigma in the non sequitor of life’s roadblocks, our colorist fulfills his duty diligently before, during and sometimes after working on his own collection of art, characters and loot obtained from slain online baddies.  Lyndon has visited Japan more than three times already and still hasn’t brought me back anything.  Aside from that, you can usually find him at home mastering his drawing techniques or learning about the hottest new film or video game slated for release.

Collectively, we all love going to the San Diego Comic Con because we all live in Sunny Sandy Eigo.  We knew each other from school and began talking comic ideas about four years ago.  Each of us works for a living and paying the monthly rent is a bummer because we’d all love to do nothing but comics and cool fun things if we could, but priorities come first.  As such we are able to produce a comic of quality about once every week or two weeks depending.  This is our first attempt doing an online comic, though we have a ton of ideas.  If you stay with us, we will continue to provide our brand of entertainment free of charge (at least until we decide to sell out to a mega-coorparation and lose our scruples in the process).