We apologize for not putting up another Emo Caveman comic, but things had gotten a bit busy for some of us.  Unfortunately we’ll need to take a little break for the time being.  In the meantime we’ll try to fill the void with some other things.  The last comic and this one are both older comics that some of us created as one-shots.  The three panels at the bottom of this comic are somewhat based on a true experience that Lyndon had while driving.  He had been on the road behind a car or some sort of truck for a while when a dead possum fell out from under the chasis of the vehicle.  It plopped on the highway in front of Lydon’s car causing him to swerve crazily to avoid it.  He’s alright by the way.  Not the possum.

So, all we can say is that we will be back but we need a little time to refresh and draw up some new Emo Caveman stories.  Expect us back in early November.